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Archangelic Energy

Archangelic Energy

The Light Path

The name “The Light Path” comes from a dream I had nearly 40 years ago.  So vivid, I woke up and wrote a poem about it.  I was walking at night and needed to go through a woods.  It was so dark. Then a light shone from the other side, and lit up my path.  The scripture is ‘Thy word shall be a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path’.  I have loved that forever since God gave me that message.

The Poem

The distant woods holds darkness,

The road ahead seems long.

As I approach, I falter;

My doubts creep all around.

My chosen path has led me here

Yet, can I find my way?

Is my trusted judgment sound?

I want to run, not stay!

Amid the darkened wall of tress

A narrow path appears.

The light that calls from yonder side

Tells me the way is clear.

Appearance holds no terror now,

I have no need for fear.

I move ahead with gladness

For God is with me here.

The narrow path and wall of trees

Now seem not foe, but friend.

Guided by my Inner Light

My heart is strong again.

As I approach the darkness

My step is strong and sure,

For guided by God’s unseen hand

I’m confident, secure.

No matter where the path leads

Through stormy night or calm

The Light of God surrounds me

And I am safe from harm.

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